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Fall is well underway and Winter is just around the corner. It's that time of year again and we are offering several Winterization packages. Summer went by fast, as usual, and now that the kids are heading back to school it's time to think about what to do with your camper for the winter. Once again we are offering several variations on our Winterizing Special. Click the following link to our RV Winterizing Menu. To contact our Service Department, you can use the form at the bottom of this page or call us at (507) 345-5858 or (800) 714-7895.

If you prefer the do it yourself method, we also offer detailed online instructions for Winterizing your RV. We also have the following quick tips to remember.

1. Charge your battery.

Make sure to check the water level in your battery and inspect the exterior. Charge the battery completely. Remove the battery from the camper and store in a cool dry space that will remain above freezing all winter, preferably your basement. Do not store your battery directly on a cement floor as this will damage the battery, but rather store it on a piece of wood.

2. Wash and clean your camper. 

Your camper will spend the next several months in storage. What you leave as dirty now may become a permanent stain later.

3. Inspect your exterior seams and seals. 

Visually inspect the sealant used on the roof of your camper. Look for any cracks or voids in the contact from the sealant to the roof. Scrape off the old sealant and reseal any bad areas. Look at the four corners of your camper and inspect the seams from the sidewalls to the endwalls. Make sure there is adequate sealant and reseal as needed. Look at the windows and visually inspect for any voids around the tops and sides of your windows (note, it is expected that the bottom of the window will not be sealed, this allows moisture from condensation to drain out). It is better to seal the roof seams with a self leveling sealant like Dicor. For the windows and sidewall trim, it is best to remove the window or trim and apply fresh putty and reinstall. See our Parts Department for suggestions.

4. If you will be covering your camper. 

Be mindful of the quality of the cover you choose to use. You will want a cover that allows condensation to evaporate so that it does not build up on the camper. Condensation created during the day because liquid and freezes at night. This freezing liquid can damage your seals and seams.

With these simple things done, you are ready to store your camper for the winter. If you would like to have us perform these services contact our service department with the form below. If you are interested in our available services, see our Winterization Service Menu for a list of prices and options.


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