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Spring is finally beginning to make an appearance and we are all getting ready for another great camping season. So, what should you be doing to get your camper ready for summer?

After sitting for the winter, your camper will need some maintenance to get ready for another season of camping. Here's what we recommend:

1. Charge your battery.

Make sure to check the water level in your battery and inspect the exterior. In the event it froze over the winter the outside may be cracked and the battery should be replaced. Charge the battery completely. When connecting the battery, remember to connect the positive lead first to avoid or minimize the chances of a shock.

2. Pack your wheel bearings.

This will ensure safe and smooth towing all summer long. Also check the air pressure in your tires and make sure it is at the level recommended on the sidewall.

3. Have your LP gas system checked for leaks.

In case any fitting was damaged or came loose over the winter, we recommend a manometer test every spring. Also check to make sure your regulator is operating at 11 inches water column of pressure.

4. Clean, inspect and light all LP appliances.

Because the odorant added to LP, Ethyl Mercaptan, attracts insects and spiders, we recommend carefully cleaning all combustion chambers to clear out any debris, webs or nests that may have developed since your last use. Be very careful that you do not damage any burner orifice; changing the size or shape of the orifice will change how the LP is released and may cause an unsafe condition. When cleaned, light and run all appliances. A clean blue flame should be present with a wooshing sound. A yellow flame indicates too much air in the LP to air mixture. Have any appliance that is not working properly serviced.

5. Flush your water lines and check for leaks.

A simple procedure is to fill your fresh water tank and use your water pump to run clean water through the lines clearing the anti-freeze. Make sure you change the water heater by-pass back to it's normal summer use position. Once all the anti-freeze is out of the water lines test for leaks. An easy way to test of leaks is to pressurize the water system with the pump. Then turn the pump off and wait 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, turn the pump back on; it shouldn't make any noise. If the pump runs when you turn it on, there is a leak somewhere.

6. Inspect your exterior seams and seals.

Visually inspect the sealant used on the roof of your camper. Look for any cracks or voids in the contact from the sealant to the roof. Scrape off the old sealant and reseal any bad areas. Look at the four corners of your camper and inspect the seams from the sidewalls to the endwalls. Make sure there is adequate sealant and reseal as needed. Look at the windows and visually inspect for any voids around the tops and sides of your windows (note, it is expected that the bottom of the window will not be sealed, this allows moisture from condensation to drain out). It is better to seal the roof seams with a self leveling sealant like Dicor. For the windows and sidewall trim, it is best to remove the window or trim and apply fresh putty and reinstall. See our Parts Department for suggestions.

With these simple things done, you are ready for another fun camping season. If you would like to have us perform these services check out our Summerization Menu or contact us with the form below.


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